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Angels of Battle v1.5 is up!!!!

AOB v1.5 紹介 + 技表


Unpack password:
Present by Border Violation

Current version: V1.5

What's new:
- New playable character: Yinan
- 3 custom stages
- Various effects and UI added / updated
- Winning quote scenes (Only in single player mode)
- Boss version of all characters(Only in single player mode, only as NPC)
- Character movelists will be shown when the game is paused
- An English version of the game

You can check "v1_5_update_list.txt" included in the game files for update details.


About this game:

Angels of Battle is an independent developed, combo based 2D shojo(anime girls) fighting game.

The game consists of 4 attack buttons: A(Light), B(Medium), C(Heavy), D(Special). 

Combining with traditional FTG commands, players can easily make impressive combo attacks.

More info about game system could be found in the game manual included in the package.

- 7 playable characters
- Single player mode(no stories yet)
- Local 1 VS 1 mode
- Game manual
- Character informations
- Character movelist


We appreciate any feedbacks and comments!

We've opened a discord server!

Follow our Facebook page for more updates and contents:


Known issues:

Please refer to "troubleshoot.txt" included in the game files.


Regarding online VS:

The game engine doesn't support online connections. However you may use any software(e.g. Parsec, Lunaport) that can sync up 2 PCs for virtual online VS experience.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorBV Taisei
GenreFighting, Action
Tags2D, Anime, Female Protagonist, fighter, Local multiplayer, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Versus
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions

Run "AOB.exe.exe", then "OK" the popup window, then wait a few second for the game to start.

If it doesn't start, then you may need a few more setups depending on the Windows you are using.


For Win10: Turn on "DirectPlay"

- "Programs and Features" > (Menu on left) "Turn Windows feature on or off"
- Look up for the folder "Legacy Components" > Open and check "DirectPlay"

Video reference


For Win7: Turn off "DEP"

- My Computer(Right Click) > Properties - (Menu on left) Click "Advanced system settings"
- (Performance tab) Click "Settings"
- "Data Execution Prevention" tab > Select "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select"
- Click "Add..." on bottom > Select game exe > OK

Reference link


Unpack password / 解凍PW:
Present by Border Violation


Angels _of_Battle[en].rar 381 MB

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Are you guys planning to upload this game to any other platforms such as Steam? Because I'm pretty sure it would get a lot more of attention and love from many FG fans.


Thank you for your support!
Since there are so many things to be added to the game, for now we're taking time to work on new contents first.

It keeps asking me about a password idk bout any type of password now I cant open the game

Unpack password: Present by Border Violation

built with unity?

This is a 2D Fighter Maker 2nd (2DFM2) game

it looks good :)

Thanks! Glad you like it

I am trying to play this game with my friend however we are only able to have one round matches is there anyway to change that?


Choose option > game
The first slider from the top is the number of rounds to win in VS mode. It's set to 1 by default.


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the game is fire, love it tho i still don't know how to access the training room like how the instruction told me


Thank you! To turn on training:

Enter VS mode, then press F button on both 1P and 2P controls once.

You should then see "Practice" at the bottom of the screen

(1 edit)

thank you so much for the helpful response !

Have fun labbing!

why does it say it needs  a password

nvm i see the password

can it be played with  an arcade controller

Controllers and joysticks should work
If yours doesn't work, you can use software such as Joy2Key to convert your controller input into keyboard input


hi friend i loved the game and i am visually impaired, the only thing that makes it difficult for me is that when navigating the menu there is no sound when we move with the arrow keys in the options. it would be nice to have a sound when passing the menu with the cursor. thanks! i play the game with his sound! amazing

Thank you for loving our game and your opinion on the game menu! We'll make improvements in the next version

i wish i could play the game but i cant because i dont know how to properley insta the game

You don't need to install it, just run the exe file

oh thanx

It seeems i was missing of dplayx.dll. i dled the missing DLL but got this log instead:

__SEH__ 0xc0000005 at 0x80000002
CS :0x00000023 SS :0x0000002B DS :0x0000002B
ES :0x0000002B FS :0x00000053 GS :0x0000002B
EAX:0x00000000 EDX:0x00000044 ECX:0x00000000
ESP:0x0019FB6C EBP:0x0019FF70 EIP:0x80000002
ESI:0x00000000 EDI:0x00422E88
-- backtrace --
0x0019fb6c: 0x004029ab 0x004028f0 0x00000000 0x00000000
0x0019fb7c: 0x004029cf 0x00405788 0x00000000 0x00000000
0x0019fb8c: 0x0019ff70 0x003f9000 0x0019fc30 0x008ef464
0x0019fb9c: 0x0019fc28 0x77cc621f 0x00000015 0x00000020
0x0019fbac: 0x0000000a 0x008b0000 0x00000026 0x003a0044
0x0019fbbc: 0x4c5c3a44 0x75736965 0x495c6572 0x6569646e
0x0019fbcc: 0x6e415c73 0x736c6567 0x20666f20 0x74746142
0x0019fbdc: 0x655b656c 0x00005d6e 0x008df170 0x008ef450

Seems like you didn't enable directplay. Try to enable it in Windows instead of simply downloading the dll file.

(1 edit)

Already did. Restarted a bunch of times. Still the same. I guess it's my machine and it might have some hidden problems somewhere.

I actually left a manually dled dplaxy.dll on there. so i deleted it and it now ran. Problem though is that the words are all on question marks. It seems the language settings aren't set.


The game engine text is written in Japanese. You may want to change the default language to Japanese for "non-unicode apps"(no need to change system language)

You can also check our game manual page 05, 06 if you want to know what the settings are.

whats the password to extract

Present by Border Violation

Deleted 358 days ago
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i'm still can't download this game on win10

Try download it on itch website instead of using itch launcher

I can't have enough of this gameeeee!

Glad to see another FM 2nd creator here!!

Hi! Nice to meet you too!


Yes... She's not in the game anymore.
But she stays in our hearts who played AoB v1.0 and FKF

Hi, anyway to download the old versions? It would be nice to see how the game has progressed and changed. A request to add an Archive section to the site for AoB.

Thank you,


Thanks for your interest!
We decided to pull down v1.0  for now since the BGMs may have some license issues.
But here's a playlist where you can see some videos from v1.0 era:

Oi pode ttrazer uma versão para Android?? Por favor

Unfortunately, this engine is designed to make games for Windows only

(1 edit)

Do you guys have your own discord? If not, I could go ahead and make one. The community for this game needs a place to gather up if you want to achieve an active player base. This game has loads of potential and I'd like to see it grow. 


Thank you! We've just started up a discord as we uploaded AoB v1.5

hi! your game looks amazing, i played it on single player and i love it, but when i try the versus mode, once i try to select it my controls just freeze and i cant select anything.

i'm on win10 btw

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks a lot!
If you're stuck at character selection(single or vs), restarting the game should fix it.

If you've entered the selection screen, try not to press pause and return to main menu. The game tends to get bugged upon re-entering that screen.

If you want to get back to main menu, you would like to do this instead:
Enter a stage > pause > press A,B,C at the same time. This will reset the game properly. Or you simply restart the game.

This game feels amazing, it competes extremely well with current fg market imo. I cant seem to get my dpad to recognize, or change the movement controls though.

(2 edits) (+1)

Maybe give this a try?

I know it's for Vanguard Princess, but we're using the same engine, so whatever works for VP should also works for AoB(and any FM2K games)

FM2K is such an old, buggy engine that is not getting any official fixes for 10+ years.

However all thanks to VP being so popular, there're lots of recent supports and fixes coming from the community. If you've encounter any engine related problems, your best bet is to search if VP have the same problem :p

That didnt work, but I did some snooping around those forums and found that using joy2key works well, ty

I've been trying to run this game but for some reason it keeps running at a very slow framerate despite the fact that my machine is more than capable of running the game..help plsss ;_;

It seems like a problem with an older version of Win 10? Mine is up to date and doesn't seem to have that option anymore, so I couldn't test it...


Fixed it!  After booting up the game I had to go to Options > Game and then uncheck the Joystick box.
Game runs wonderfully now!

Oh, I didn't realize it's inside options > game :x
Anyway, glad you found the solution. Hope you enjoy the game


Thanks for your support! It's coming very soon ;)

It seems that you're applying the final touches to the game before releasing v1.5!


thanks ! it is rare to find a free fighting game like that, keep up the good work


when will new ver release

We don't have a release date yet.
We're still working on it, though the progress is slow

could you add a tag team mode

hi!! i really like angels of battle, a very impressive game hand in hand of the scwu team! i can't wait for news updates! (yepp, my english is so trash btw)

(2 edits)

I just found a glitch

Eve's 234C (Corner) can make the oppenet float in hitstun when they are in air

this is super rare

(3 edits)

Tag team mode HUD should be like this


   They share one HP bar. If half of it is gone, that char is KOed.                             

=======|=========                     HP                               =================

=======|=========                                                           =================

Player 1          1's Partner                                                      2's Partner          Player2

 ==============                                                                    ===============                                          


========== ===                                                                        ==============      

Hey, thanks for all your comments and suggestions! We appreciated them very much.

However, since we're quite busy with our own livings right now, we only have very little time on this project. (And thus for this late reply too, sorry)

We'll take your suggestions into consideration in our future development.

Thanks for liking AoB!

NP! I really love this game!

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

What is the Defalt button for Training?

I keep on getting BOIDED by the CPU!!!

You can find option here:

To turn on training mode, you need to start VS mode first. After starting the round, you need to press "F" on BOTH 1P and 2P control once to activate training mode. 

Please note: "F" is not the one on your keyboard, it's the game's input. So you need to bind it with a key first

Also, remember to set round timer to "0" if you want infinite time for training:

Thanks but it doesn't work

Where is the options thing?

How to go to training? It's too hard in the manual.

What are the controls for this game?

Does this game has INSTANT KILLS?

If yes, show me them.

If no, please plan on making them.


Well, it took a long time, but I made a full combo video for this game! Tried to find as many unique things as I could with Eve and learned a lot about the game.

Wow! What an amazing video, with brilliant cuts too!

Thanks for making such an in-depth combo video for Eve! And we're so glad that you enjoy AoB!

Btw we're definitely going to share your video on our FB page ;)

Deleted 1 year ago

I also can't seem to start in on windows 10. I have Direct Play enabled, but every time I launch it, it closes right away.

Hmm... Maybe it's the DEP that kills the game? This happens in Win 7, and may also happen in Win 10.

Try add the game's exe as an exception to DEP

 Can't seem to be able to start it, game windows pop and vanish really fast, im using win10, looks like a rly promising game though


You can try enabling "DirectPlay" and see if it works

Thank you for the quick response and care, really appreciate! although my direct play is already active, do no worry, i will not give up on trying to play the game and will keep my eyes on newer versions!

Thank you for your support!

I can run the game on my Win 10 after turning on Direct Play, so I don't know if there are any other conflicting settings...

Maybe you should also check the file path, make sure there are no special characters and symbols involved?

If you happen to sort out the problem, please share
Many thanks!

 Will do, thank you for the hard work!

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