A downloadable game for Windows

This is a FREE to play game!


Gameplay sample of our protagonist: Eve


Current version: V1.0

- 6+1 playable characters
- Single player mode(no stories yet)
- Local 1 VS 1 mode
- Game manual
- Character informations
- Character movelist

We are working on adding more new characters and other contents to the game. Updates will come!


About this game:

Angels of Battle is an independent developed, combo based 2D shojo(anime girls) fighting game.

The game consists of 4 attack buttons: A(Light), B(Medium), C(Heavy), D(Special). 

Combining with traditional FTG commands, players can easily make impressive combo attacks.

More info about game system could be found in the game manual included in the package.


We appreciate any feedbacks and comments!

You can post them here or on our Facebook page!

Follow our Facebook page for more updates and contents:


Known engine bug (that couldn't be fixed):

1. When the time countdown is less then 10 seconds
2. After pausing the game for a long time

Random effect layers may be missing, which may results in some attacks not working properly.

While this may not happen every time, but we recommend you to avoid reaching this "last 10 seconds" time frame or pausing the game for too long.

In VS mode, you may set the timer to "0" (i.e. infinite time) to avoid timer bug.


Regarding online VS:

The game engine doesn't support online connections. However you may use any software(e.g. Parsec, Lunaport) that can sync up 2 PCs for virtual online VS experience.

Install instructions

Run "AOB.exe.exe", then "OK" the popup window, then wait a few second for the game to start.

If it doesn't start, then you may need a few more setups depending on the Windows you are using.


For Win10: Turn on "DirectPlay"

- "Programs and Features" > (Menu on left) "Turn Windows feature on or off"
- Look up for the folder "Legacy Components" > Open and check "DirectPlay"

Video reference


For Win7: Turn off "DEP"

- My Computer(Right Click) > Properties - (Menu on left) Click "Advanced system settings"
- (Performance tab) Click "Settings"
- "Data Execution Prevention" tab > Select "Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select"
- Click "Add..." on bottom > Select game exe > OK

Reference link


Angels_of_Battle_v1_0.zip 118 MB

Development log


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is Suneo still part of the team? this is looking great guys. I love doing fan art for this game!

Thanks for loving our game!

Suneo is not directly involved in the production of this game,  but we keep close contact with each other and he 's been giving us many comments and suggestions.

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I finally recorded the combo I made take a look

Very nice! Can we post this on our FB page?

Sure! That would be awesome!

(1 edit)

Do you have a discord channel? and btw it totally works on arcade fightstick.

Sorry, we don't have a discord channel for now.

So happy to see the SCWU team making a new game! And even my favorite character Erus is back!

Hi! It's nice to meet someone who still remembers SCWU :x

And we're so glad that you like our new game too!

Even in practice mode the game is super fun! I'll definitely try to get the word out about it as much as I can.

Thank you very much for your great support!

While we are getting slow on the development right now(everyone's busy...), but we will add more new stuff to the game. So please stay tuned!

Also please feel free to discuss about any aspects of the game, it would be a great help!

Take all the time you need! Can't wait to see what comes next!

The only thing I would change for now would be to make the background music loops longer, if you could. The music as it is gets repetitive very quickly.

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I just found a huge combo for Eve try this:

I use numpad notation

"=" for wallsplats

";" for reversal

In the Corner: "5A - 5B - 5C - 5D -> 5D -> 5D = 5A - 5B - 5C - 5D - 5D(1) - 214B =; 5A - 5B - 5C - 5D - 5D(1) - 623A"

Great find!

There are more ways to extend or create new combos. For example you can use "big jump"(2 then 7/8/9) during basic attacks and move on to air combos.

So keep experimenting. Hope you'll discover more combos!